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Safarov Ramil Sahib was born in Jabrail in 1977.
He entered the military inclinationed school named after of Camshid Nakhcivanski in 1991.
R.Safarov was sent to Izmir the city of the Turkey Republic for to continue his education by the order of Azerbaijan Republic Defence Ministry in september in 1992.
He succesfully gratuated the military lisey of Maltepé entered Ankara Higher Military school and studied military training courses.
From May of 2001 to March of 2002 employed at military settlment number N in Gadabay as commander by the order of DM.
By the order DM he wad sent to the Higher Military School of Commanders named after Heydar Aliyev in March 2002.
During employe time developed up to the rank of main leytenant. Ramil Safarov was sent on a mission for three monthly English language courses to Hungary Republic city of Budapest in notation NATO programs by the order of the DM in january 2004.
He killed armenian oficcer Q.Markaryan who took part in the same course in 19-th of February-left onlu 20 days for to come back motherland. In the same date he was arrested.
Armenian savageries

From 1988 till 1993 Ramil saw all the savageries blood shed by the armenians with his own eyes. Because those the very years coincised his youthhood. That time his father Sahib bey was working as the assistant of the cheif doctor according to the economical work and his mother mrs. Nubar was working in the operation section at the hospital in the centre of Jabrail. As the territory was being shot by the armenians constantly Ramil had to spend his most of the time with his parents. He saw lots of people having no leg or head or people with spoilt eyes with his own eyes. There was time during a day 15-20 corpses 20-30 wounded were taken to hospital and of course all these had a very bad effect on the teenager at the age of 15-16. Ramil has such relatives that there is no news of their being alive or dead.

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