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The International Awareness Campaign is initiated on 8 May 2008 by Mrs. Leyla Aliyeva, General Coordinator of Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation under the motto of “Justice for Khojaly, Freedom for Karabakh”

The Campaign is aimed at raising international civil awareness through demonstration of creative photos and images of suffered people in the Karabakh conflict and Khojaly Massacre in particular and reaching out globally via Media, Internet and Live events. Photos demonstrating human opposition to massacres and cleansing based on all forms of racial, ethnic or religious discrimination, solidarity with the innocent victms and suffering children of the Khodjaly massacre; global call on removing the root cause of the conflict - ending the agression by the Armenia in the Nagorno Karabakh region of Azerbaijan.

The Campaign is also aimed at raising awarenees on grave situation of opressed people (due to total ethnic cleancing only Armenians remain at these territories) under the military regime of occupation forces in Nagorno Karabakh and on necessity for promotion of liberation of this ancient cradle of civilization.

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