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Главная » Каталог сайтов » KARABAKH 09.04.2009, 15:09

Blood flowing as a river

There is ongoing war in Azerbaijan… No, this is not a war, this is a mass killing!… This is not a war, but this is a blood bath, gruesome bloodshed!… The war has laws or rules of its own… Such violence is not used against women, children or invalids!… Men are captured by an enemy in war, but women or girls are not!… Such brutality cannot be applied to prisoners in war!… That is not called a war if someone breaks into your territory to occupy it. It is called a banditry and a plundering… It is cruelty to slaughter all fellow men to defend their motherland by the way of Russian 366 motorized regiment… This is unpardonable crime of Armenian bandits!

No. This is not a war. It is called a massacre, a blood bath!… This is a tragedy of forgotten land!… This is a genocide perpetrated by violent Armenian blood thirstier!…

This is not a war!… It is organized bandits and extermination!… That is called as a genocide of one nation!…

This genocide is appealing us to vengeance! And that must be done until the blood of genocide victims will be subdued. Till the end of that vengeance, peace is not possible!

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