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Главная » Каталог сайтов » KARABAKH 09.04.2009, 15:15
By the middle of 1991 63000 people lived there. After the beginning of the autumn attack of the Armenians most of the population of the town left it. According to the information of the Ministry of National Security, about 3000 people stayed in the town on the eve of the tragically February events. The safety of the left population was provided by only 160 soldiers of the National Army, OMON (special police detachment) and self-defense forces, mainly headed by Alif Hajiyev, concentrated around airport. The above-mentioned forces were not enough to provide the effective self-defense, especially taking into consideration the absence of ordinance (there was only one "Alazan" plant and three armored cars). In fact Khojaly was defended (though inefficiently) by means of shooting guns. It was possible until a certain time. But the Armenians pressure was increasing. Since the 30th of October 1991 the automobile communication with Khojaly was stopped and communication with the town was realized by means of helicopters. There had been no electricity in Khojaly since 2nd of January 1992. On the 13th of February the last military helicopter with food and petrol landed in the town (the last civil helicopter was on the 28th of January). Since that day the town had been expecting the Armenians attack...
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